Autographed Sports Memorabilia of the Future

by on February 10, 2010

The sports memorabilia industry is a billion-dollar business. They autographed sports memorabilia niche makes up a significant part of that industry. For as long as we have had sports in our society we have had sports heroes. With sports heroes the desire by sports fans to trade and collect autographed sports memorabilia.

Collectors of all ages worked themselves into a frenzy trying to find the sports memorabilia that will connect their sports hero with her item of memorabilia. Many different collectors define sports memorabilia, in many different ways. For some collectors autographed item such as a baseball bat, a baseball or an autographed football is the ultimate in sports memorabilia collecting.

At any given sports event you will find collectors clamoring at players locker room exits and entrances to hopefully secure an autograph from their sports hero. This activity is not reserved for young people or kids. If they middle-aged man was a collector of autographed sports memorabilia as a child, it is likely that he grew into a man who still collects memorabilia. The only difference is he can afford more expensive and rare pieces of autographed sports memorabilia.

There is a significant problem however, that permeates the autographed sports memorabilia industry. That is, a majority of autographed sports memorabilia is said to be counterfeit or fake. Collectors who are unable to secure their own autograph baseball card memorabilia, have no issue whatsoever of purchasing an item from memorabilia dealers. That creates demand and unscrupulous dealers will stoop to the lowest levels to make sure they have enough supply to satisfy frenzied collectors.

There is really only one sure fire way to collect authentic autographed sports memorabilia. That is, if you secure the autographed yourself, in person, with the sports athlete. From that point forward, buying and autographed item from another source, you’ll run the risk of receiving a bogus autograph.

Players like Peyton Manning and Sidney Crosby are some of the most counterfeited cards.  Some of the best Peyton Manning rookie cards and Sidney Crosby rookie cards that are authentic can sell for thousands of dollars.

That is not to say that all dealers of sports memorabilia are unscrupulous. They are not. Ultimately the collector must find a comfort level with the dealer they choose to buy their autographed sports memorabilia from. There are many companies who now authenticate their autographs in a wide variety of ways. Upper deck authenticated, for example secures authentic autographed and embeds a DNA code on the item, thereby authenticating the autograph as the real deal.

Many dealers will issue certificates of authenticity on the autographed items. For the most part certificates of authenticity are forged just as often as the sports memorabilia itself.

If you desire an authentic sports card autographed or sports memorabilia item, do the best you can to get the autographed yourself.

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