Cosmetic Surgery Helping Burn Patients in a New Way

by on September 18, 2009

There are many doctors that will tell you that burn victims can suffer through a lot of pain much after the occurrence.  Many of these burn victims can get addicted to pain medication and sometimes even commit suicide.  Michael Jackson’s death has brought some light into the suffering that is caused by severe burns.  Michael Jackson was prescribed strong medication for his burns and seemingly admitted to being addicted to the pain medication a few years later.  There are many people that believe this was one of the main causes of his untimely death this year.

Cosmetic Surgeons have begun experimenting with some new techniques that help relieve pain with some of there burn victims.  In some instances Botox injections have been used to help numb the area of where the skin tissue was affected.  Mark Simons, of Manhattan Cosmetic Surgeon clinic,  has stated that these injections can sometimes be very helpful to the patient.  Mark has done more that a few pro-bono cosmetic surgeries on burn victims.  Even though most of these surgeries are cosmetic and reconstructive they can be very helpful to try to bring some normalcy to a patients life.

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