Dee Kamen Invention | Water for the World

by on August 15, 2009

Dee Kamen, inventor of the Segway has invented a water filter that can be used by third world countries to give clean water to millions of people.  He and his team have developed a portable water filter that will purify through distillation any type of tainted liquids poured into it.  Kamen will soon be producing this in mass and hoping that they can be delivered to some of the countries that are in need the most.  This invention will help with early prevention of many diseases that are passed through drinking water.  This can also deter the spread of many diseases in third world countries.


Kamen was recently on tv drinking his own urine after it has passed through the water filter.  Now that is advertising and belief in your work.  Kamen has proved to be a great humanitarian in trying to help prevent sickness and talking is entreprenurial skills to better the world.


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