Margaret Atwood’s Remote Control Autograph Machine

by on September 12, 2009

Margaret Atwood has developed a remote-controlled autograph signing machine.  The way it works is simply amazing.  Atwood has a book signing scheduled at a major Barnes & Noble or Books A Million store.  People line up to get a glimpse of Margaret and have her autograph their favorite book.  When they arrive they realize that Margaret Atwood is not the location is appearing via satellite.  The book is placed in a machine and the robotic arm signs the book with whatever the customer wants.  How is that possible?  Well truthfully it’s quite simple.  The author, celebrity, writes whatever the person wants at their location.  This is translated via Internet to the computer software which relays that to the pen.  The information is then transferred on to a given item.  This also lets you get celebrity autograph while being in a different place.  A very innovative way for people to meet some of their favorite celebrities and interact in a very futuristic way.  Think if you can get a baseball card autograph from  a kiosk or card show without the player even being there.  Or going to a kiosk in your local mall and having access to speak to a list of Hall of Famers which will then autograph any item that you bring in.  Amazing Technology at our Finger Tips!

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