Technology of Grading Baseball Cards

by on August 22, 2009

As Baseball Cards have become part of many collectors and investors lives technology is growing to help companies refine baseball card grading into a new age.  Companies like Bionicam have developed affordable microscopes that can help people grade there own cards at home and help professionals determine if certain cards are authentic or cheap counterfeits.  Its amazing what you can do with new affordable technology.  As baseball cards become more and more elaborate in production and more money is pored into the industry, creative tools like the Biocam can change the way people do business.  We all know that were there is money there is possible corruption and as the sports card industry reaches amazing popularity cutting edge technology is needed.

We interviewed Michael at GMA Grading- a Baseball Card Grading company and he explained how with the amazing new printers and scanners on the market counterfeits have been popping up everywhere.  New technology will help collectors not get burned when making large purchases which in turn protects the hobby and help people determine what there baseball cards are worth.

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